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Motorboat Arno XI exclusive model at 1:8 scale

5.500,00 €
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5.500,00 €
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(inkl. 19% Mwst. - Versandkosten/Zollabgaben nicht enthalten)

This motorboat scale model is manufactured with the greatest attention to detail.It is a faithful 1:8 scale reproduction of the Timossi-Ferrari Anro XI motorboat, dating back to 1953, and is up to 79 cm long.This prestigious model comes on a steel and wood base and is covered with a methacrylate box.In a corner of the box there is also an exclusive plate, which displays the progressive number assigned to each model in this limited edition of 49 pieces.Materials: wood, resin, paint, metal and methacrylate.Wood crate, 113 x 63 x 48 cm.Gross weight: about 30 kg.The inside is parallelepiped, consisting of a base and a protective cover in white plastic and blocked by an air space with foam.The cover is part of the packaging and should not be used for exhibition.Descriptive information inside with adhesive anti-counterfeit label.

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