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Tod's for Ferrari - Gommino Laccetto Cavallino Rampante

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Gommino loafers in suede with laces and the elegant lining embellished with Ferrari's signature prancing horse. Available in orange, bottle green, and petrol blue.

The collaboration between Tod's and Ferrari forges ahead with continuous proposals of new models that are the perfect synthesis of the most stylish Made in Italy products.
There are some unreleased models, historical and romantic references the sporting tradition and brand culture; the most significant is the model dedicated to Francesco Baracca, which is emblazoned by a rosette in honour of one of the greatest Italian Air Force pilots whose family donated to Enzo Ferrari the symbol of his fighter squadron, which then went on to be most famous automotive symbol in the world, the Cavallino Rampante, a synonym of with agility, speed and performance.
The camouflage pattern on the lining and the classic army green used for the external uppers hence reminisce the same colours of the aircraft that Baracca flew during World War I.
Then there is another model that celebrates a special birthday, that of the 250 GTO, which takes its name from the iconic Ferrari model that just fifty years ago made its very first appearance; a model which is still celebrated today as one of the most beautiful cars ever created in the history of automobiles.
There are also references to today's cars, with colours and combinations that are identical to those that the customer can choose from when selecting his Ferrari granturism car.

Made in Italy.

Official Ferrari Licensees

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