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Ferrari California 1:43 scale model

€ 310,00
(21% inc. IVA / Gastos de envío no incluidos)
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€ 310,00
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(21% inc. IVA / Gastos de envío no incluidos)

The 1:43 scale model of the Ferrari California in blue is a flawless replica of the latest addition to the Maranello range.The car brims with stunningly innovative features, including not only the folding rigid top, but also the original 2+ concept, which allows the rear of the car to be put to a variety of uses.Both the California's chassis and bodywork rear are, like the rest of the current Ferrari range, made from aluminium.The car also sports a new V8 engine, which is front-mid mounted for the very first time in the brand's history.This gorgeous handcrafted model is utterly exclusive and features prestigious touches, such as a base trimmed in the same leather used to upholster the California's interior.

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