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Challenge Driver School 14/16 Oct. 2014

The Challenge Driver School offers drivers the opportunity to condense the technical content necessary to drive the Challenge model appropriately and safely into a single course. If students have not previously attended the Evolution Driver Course, this is a requisite for taking part in the Challenge Driver Course. The course comprises an initial day of practical exercises including: telemetric analysis of performance on the track, use of a pace-car, finding the car’s limits in cornering and optimizing overall driving performance, including with the aid of chronometric analysis.Starting from the second day, the track driving activity develops with the integrated, then intensive use of the Challenge model, with a progression of content based on the improvement of driving technique and performance, concluding with entry to the standard Challenge Course program. The dynamic of the third day hinges on timed track driving sessions, to allow participants to acquire basic racing concepts, like starting and overtaking techniques, and learn the procedures for the various stages of a race, car set-up methods plus race rules and regulations for the Challenge Championship. At the end of the Challenge Driver School too, participants can take the test for racing cars of over 2000 cc, required by the Italian National Sports Federation to compete in the Ferrari Challenge.

Participation is reserved for a minimum of seven and a maximum of ten students who have already taken the Advanced Course.

Instructors and Cars
Instruction will be provided by six driver-instructors with specialist race driving experience. Students will learn using three 458 Italia, three F12berlinetta, three 458 Speciale and five 458 Challenge cars.

The participation includes three days at the track, transport, three evening meals, a three-night stay at the Grand Hotel de la Ville ***** in Parma, lunches at the track and personalized Pilota Ferrari Course gifts. Each participant may have one or more companions, who will be given the opportunity to take part in a speci¬fic program. On request, it will be possible to take the CSAI test for racing ca¬rs of over 2000 cc at a cost of 600.00 euros (excluding VAT). Italian customers who already hold an Italian International C Class license will be entitled to enter the Ferrari Challenge once they obtain the CSAI license. By taking and passing the test for cars over 2000 cc, customers from other countries in the European Union and Italian customers who do not already hold one will automatically qualify for the Italian International C Class license and may obtain one at an additional cost of 400.00 euros (excluding VAT).Customers from countries outside the European Union who pass the test for driving cars over 2000 cc may obtain an Italian International C Class license only if the Automobile Club or body responsible for race driver licensing in their own country is willing to provide the CSAI with a declaration recognizing the validity of the Italian license.
The additional cost will be 400.00 euros (excluding VAT) for them as well. All those intending to take the test must present a medical certificate demonstrating their fitness fo¬r motor racing. Certificates can be obtained by undergoing a medical examination at any authorized Sports Medicine centre.

What to wear
Appropriate racing wear is provided for track driving activities: complete F.I.A.-compliant suit, driving shoes, helmet and gloves for free. There is no dress code for the evening meal.

Guest program
We have also designed a special program for guests accompanying pilota Ferrari course participants that includes: cooking lesson, city tour and SPA treatments.

Drive your own car
For safety reasons, we strongly suggest that all clients wishing to take their Ferrari cars out on the track at the end of the course have their vehicles checked beforehand by their regular dealer.

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