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The Memory - Officine Classiche Garage

Rear above view of a red 512 BB on red backdrop

The history of Ferrari spans decades, yet always keeps up with the times. Officine Classiche Garage pays living tribute to this history: both a garage and a walk through history, it contains everything that Ferrari has ever done —what’s more is that every car ever produced can be repaired here. They are less of a place of memory, and more of a living, breathing center of Ferrari excellence. 

Rear view of a red Testarossa on white pavement and black background
Detail of the pop-up headlights of the 512 BB turned on
Pilot in red suit and sunglasses mounting on a spider 348 TS
Rear view of a red Testarossa at start leaving smoke trails on the asphalt
Side view of a red F40 on the road at sunset
Rear view of a red F40 focused on aileron and left back air intake