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The Modelling - Clay Models Area

Black and white picture of a left hand passing on a clay surface

Each car is born as shape in its purest form, not unlike cloth in a fashion atelier. The absence of color in the modelled shapes allows the eye to focus on proportions, lines and curves.

Modeler using a spatula on the rear right pillar of the clay reproduction of a chassis
Right forearm with the back of the hand smoothing the surface of a clay model
Detail of two round rear lights of a clay model
Hands smoothing the clay surface of a chassis model with a spatula
Hands holding a slice from a block of clay

In this dedicated area, the shape of the car slowly takes form as human hands model the clay into a sculpture that will ultimately become functional.

Hands carving the collar of the clay model of a jacket
Hand sculpting clay with a wire end tool
Hand measuring a clay model with a tape