The Official Ferrari Magazine, Issue 46

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  • Photographed on the streets of the Eternal City, the Ferrari Roma stars on the cover of issue 46 of the Official Ferrari Magazine. The magazine also includes a full article dedicated to Maranello's newest GT, in which the Ferrari Design Creative Team share an insight into how it was developed.

    This exclusive publication features exciting news and sneak peeks into the racing world . The edition includes interviews with several legendary champions, including Mario Andretti, who recounts his extraordinary victory at the 12 Hours of Sebring 50 years ago, and Niklas Nielsen, the youngest official Ferrari GT rider, from behind the wheel of a Ferrari F8 Tributo in his home country, Denmark.

    A collector also tells the story of how he used the Tailor Made program to customize a handful of contemporary cars to pay homage to the Ferrari icons of the past.

    The Classic Ferrari section reveals the process of restoring a magnificent 195 Inter, whilst collector connoisseurs are treated to a tour of the Amalgam workshops: The very walls that have housed the manufacturing of Ferrari vehicle scale models for the last 20 years. And finally, 100 years after he was born, the magazine commemorates Modena-born designer and entrepreneur Sergio Scaglietti.

    To stay up to date on everything Ferrari, buy an annual subscription to the The Official Ferrari Magazine on the official Ferrari website.


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The Official Ferrari Magazine, Issue 46