Cybex for Scuderia Ferrari Sirona S i-Size car seat
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  • With state-of-the-art Energy Reduction Technology and the 360° rotating mechanism, the Sirona S i-Size Scuderia Ferrari car seat offers greater safety for the child and more comfort for parents.
    Traveling has never been this safe due to Energy Reduction Technology that ensures the right protection even in the front-facing position. In the event of a frontal collision, the car seat headrest slips downwards, progressively limiting the exposure of the neck to impact forces and then locking in a safe position. To make life easier for parents, it is equipped with the 360° rotation system, which makes changing position between directions of travel simple and makes loading and unloading the seat in the car extremely convenient for parents and easy on their backs. Sirona S i-Size Scuderia Ferrari also uses Driving Direction Control (DDC), the system that prevents the use of the car seat in the direction of travel before the child has reached at least 30" in height (about 16 months).

Cybex for Scuderia Ferrari Sirona S i-Size car seat