Ferrari FXX-K EVO 1:18 scale model
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  • The exclusive Ferrari FXX-K EVO is the car reproduced in this meticulous 1:18 scale replica: an exclusive model, a collector's item.
    Endowed with avant-garde glamour, the Ferrari FXX-K in the exclusive EVO track version, a hybrid with more than 1000 HP, is reproduced in every small detail in the 1:18 scale model, made by Bburago for Scuderia Ferrari. With a new design chassis which is highly aerodynamic, thanks to the low-profile fixed rear wing, the hypercar replica is an object dedicated to collectors and to all speed enthusiasts.

Scuderia Ferrari Online Store - Ferrari FXX-K EVO 1:18 scale model - Car Models 01:18
Ferrari FXX-K EVO 1:18 scale model