Ferrari rucksacks and back-to-school accessories bring Scuderia style to the classroom.

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9 items


Specially designed for young Ferrari enthusiasts, the range of Scuderia Ferrari rucksacks and back-to-school accessories are the perfect companions for everyday school life.

Scuderia Ferrari rucksacks with padded straps and thermoformed backs for optimal comfort and maximum practicality. Pencil cases with racing-inspired zips and details, complete with exclusive stationery sets comprising rubbers, pencils and scissors, bringing your sporting passion to your school desk.

Embellished with padded patches dedicated to the single-seater racer, Italian flag inserts and the unmistakeable Scuderia Ferrari logo, the range of rucksacks and back-to-school accessories embody every detail of the legendary racing team’s iconic style, making the perfect addition to the timeless range of Ferrari children’s clothing.