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The birthplace of a dream

This is where it starts. Where we tap into the inner workings of a dream in the making. Where we dive into the origins of a legend. 

Detail of a circular metal frame with spokes in the factory plant illuminated in red

Dedication is what keeps us pushing forward. Every piece and detail is an extension of our commitment to making the world dream. We study, we learn, we iterate and, in turn, we excel.

Black and white archive image of the 308 assembly line with a completed car in the foreground
Employee polishing the chassis of an unassembled car in the factory plant
Red chassis modeling workbench with red toolbox and computer monitor in the background

A vision is the fundamental groundwork for the realization of any dream. Seeing our work come to fruition is the greatest satisfaction of all. When there is a vision, the possibilities are endless. 

Back view of an employee in red suit working on the tailgate of an unfinished 812
Detail of the shoulder of a model wearing a red shirt over a red T-shirt on dark background
The silhouette of the Prancing Horse stands out on a glass window in front of a staircase