Men's chinos in technical gabardine

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Product Code 46451
  • These men's chinos incorporate numerous pockets. A versatile garment, the pants are both practical and sporty in style.

    The Scuderia Ferrari Collection chinos in technical gabardine are designed to guarantee style and functionality, construction of the garment, with its practical pockets and ergonomic seams, ensuring an extremely comfortable fit, even when driving.

    Practical details include the elastic waist and pockets on both front and rear, complete with placket and zipper.

    Iconic Maranello style details give these chinos a racing touch, with a customized Scuderia Ferrari snap fastener at the central fastening and the essential Ferrari Shield in its unmistakable colors standing out on the front under the left pocket.

Scuderia Ferrari Online Store - Men's chinos in technical gabardine - 5-pocket-pants
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Men's chinos in technical gabardine