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Yellow stripes fading to red stick around the left side mirror representing the wind flow

The Maranello Experience

Experience - be it physical or imaginary - is paramount in understanding the essence of Ferrari.  All of the senses are heightened as the Maranello journey explores the world of cars and their meticulous creation, before entering into expressions of a global lifestyle that encompass past, present and future. This seamless storytelling unfolds in seven different chapters, each one set in a place full of individual significance that triggers an immediate dialogue with the visitor. Values of performance, innovation, aesthetics and craftmanship are transformed into sensations, ambiances, videos, sounds, images and objects to create an exclusive Made in Italy experience.

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GT Sporting Activities

Black & white archive picture of Niki Lauda driving the Ferrari 312T

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Wind Tunnel

Trail of the airflow highlighted in red around the ailerons of a blue chassis

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Tailor Made

Seatbelts in different colors from pink to red dark red

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Clay Models Area

Hands holding a slice from a block of clay

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Detail of raw chassis in the painting room during treatment

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Officine Classiche

Rear view of a red Testarossa on white pavement and black background

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Museo Enzo Ferrari

Entrance of the Enzo Ferrari Museum at Maranello with the sign "OFFICINA MECCANICA"