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The Speed - Wind Tunnel

Yellow stripes fading to red stick around the left side mirror representing the wind flow

Designed by Renzo Piano and opened in 1997, the wind tunnel is the closely guarded building where Ferrari vehicles undergo aerodynamic testing in the quest for maximum performance.

Side view of the Wind tunnel exterior at Maranello
Front view of the wind flow trails marked on the nose of a 488 Pista

Speed is the essence of Ferrari. Here, it is celebrated in a space where progress and innovation reign.

Rear side view of the chassis of the 488 Pista shaded highlighting the wind flow
Red wireframe view of the car nose
Trail of the airflow highlighted in red around the ailerons of a blue chassis
Detail of the green and blue trails of the wind flow around the chassis

Harmonious aerodynamic designs unite car and the human body as one.

Colored lines highlighting the wind flow around the car underbody