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Side view of a woman wearing a gray and blue jacket with shoulder inserts

Fall/Winter 2021 # Drop 1

Taking inspiration from the cars that have made history, the new collection replicates their forms and finishings, transforming them into a new aesthetic code. Fall in love with the bold lines paired with soft shapes and find Ferrari’s DNA in every single detail.

Woman wearing red Ferrari jacket with black collar and metal prancing horse plated on the back
The black and red nose with white stripes of the Ferrari FXX-K limited production track day car
Woman wearing red jacket and blue trousers in front of a work bench of the assembly line plant
Men wearing leather jacket, black trousers and white sneakers in front of a work bench of the assembly line plant
Woman wearing blue and white jacket and black trousers in front of the assembly line
Detail of welded chromed metal engine components
Back of a model wearing green and brown blouson with prancing horse plated on the nape
Model walking on the runway along the assembly line wearing the green and brown Origami Jacket


A sophisticated interplay of layers defines the design and tailored construction of this Made in Italy jacket, in which Japanese-inspired formal harmony meets futuristic allure among a unique combination of fabrics and leather, as well as refined chromatic juxtapositions. 

Ferrari IONF Sneakers by Puma

Black ferrari shoe by Puma with red band and white rubber sole showcased on the air intake of a yellow car