Exclusive Arno XI hydroplane model at 1:8 scale
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  • This exquisite 1:8 scale model is a replica of the legendary Ferrari Arno XI, the only Ferrari powered hydroplane ever built, designed in the early 1950s by Achille Castoldi together with drivers Alberto Ascari and Luigi Villoresi.

    The Arno XI hydroplane displayed its Ferrari DNA in its distinctive red colouring, but above all in the 600 HP V12 engine that made it fly over the water, reaching a record speed of 241.708 km/h, a feat achieved on Lake Iseo in 1953, setting a record for the 800 kg category that remains unbeaten even now.

    With its elegant solid wood mahogany veneer base, the Timossi-Ferrari is perfectly reproduced down to the last detail in this model which is entirely hand crafted in Italy.

    The model is presented on a splendid steel and wood base and is protected by a methacrylate case. An exclusive collector's item for enthusiasts of Scuderia Ferrari history.

Scuderia Ferrari Online Store - Exclusive Arno XI hydroplane model at 1:8 scale - Car and Boat Models 1:8
Exclusive Arno XI hydroplane model at 1:8 scale