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Ferrari Portofino model in 1:8 scale

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  • This high quality 1:8 scale collectable model is a perfect reproduction of the Ferrari Portofino down to the last detail: a combination of pure performance and versatility, the ultimate Ferrari GT.

    With 600 bhp and going from 0 to 200 km/h in just 10.8 seconds, the new Ferrari Gran Turismo V8 is the most powerful convertible to feature a retractable hard roof, a spacious boot and excellent passenger comfort at the same time.

    This perfect replica of this new Scuderia Ferrari legend has been handcrafted in the Amalgam studios using the car's original data and drawings.

    Displayed on an elegant base with a carbon fibre surface and transparent acrylic dust cover, this 1:8 scale model comes with a certificate of authenticity, while the limited edition serial number is shown on the polished metal plate mounted on the base.

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Ferrari Portofino model in 1:8 scale