Digital watch for teens
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  • This digital watch is distinguished by the PVC face that reproduces the shape of the steering wheel of a single-seater down to the finest detail, including the lights and controls that surround the display.
    Designed to accompany young Scuderia Ferrari fans in all of their activities, what distinguishes this comfortable and durable watch are the easy-to-read digital display and PVC strap. The watch can reproduce the sound of the Ferrari engines at the press of a button to give an extra injection of fighting spirit to every day. The Shield on the band lends a final Ferrari flare to the design.

    The strap has a maximum length of 165mm/7.87 in. (+/- 5mm/.2 in.) and a minimum length of 115mm/6.3 in. (+/- 5mm/.2 in.)
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Digital watch for teens