Mito Ferrari 2020 official Ferrari calendar

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  • Discover the limited-edition Mito Ferrari official 2020 Ferrari calendar: only 5000 numbered copies available worldwide. A cult object that offers a unique sensory experience.

    Now in its 36th edition, Maranello's official Mito Ferrari calendar is an invaluable collectible for Scuderia enthusiasts, synonymous with pure seduction and extreme adrenaline. Packed with incredible images of Ferrari racing cars and Gran Turismo vehicles , both new and old, captured by renowned photographer Günther Raupp, the Ferrari calendar brings the unique charm of the Red Team's automotive masterpieces to life every day of the year.

    The Mito Ferrari 2020 edition also comes with its own stimulating sensory experience, complete with real sounds and smells: as well as a range of additional images, the Ferrari Calendar app for tablet and smartphone offers fans the chance to listen to the unmistakable rumble of the 8- and 12-cylinder Ferrari engines, whilst scratch-and-sniff images release genuine "Ferrari smells".

    For optimal exclusivity, each copy of the official Mito Ferrari calendar is individually numbered: only 5000 are available worldwide.

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Mito Ferrari 2020 official Ferrari calendar