Cybex for Scuderia Ferrari Yema baby carrier

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Product Code L7417K
  • The perfect synthesis of ergonomics and comfort, the Yema baby carrier from the C0YBEX Platinum line for Ferrari is suitable for children from zero to 24 months old.
    The CYBEX Platinum range is a new generation of baby carriers that knowingly combines safety and practicality with a contemporary, trendy design. The elastic fabric lining makes the Yema Scuderia Ferrari baby carrier perfect for adapting to children of different ages. It is also designed to offer optimal support for the natural position of bent and spread legs (spread-squat) and to stimulate the relationship between the parent and the child through face-to-face contact. Other advantages of this model include the click-on and click-off system, for easy and quick management of the baby carrier, the ergonomic seat with adjustable width, and the padded shoulder straps, with or without crossing.

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Cybex for Scuderia Ferrari Yema baby carrier