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Box 5: "The prototypes. Beautiful and invincible."

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Collector’s Photos of Ferraris – limited edition
A smart box holding a selection of important shots as for the most important competitions which Ferrari took place to with its Gran Turismo cars. Hereby the six available photos:

Monte Carlo 1961. Phil Hill and Richie Ginther, Ferrari 156 F1 (Sharknose)

American Phil Hill would win the world title at the wheel of one of the most successful Ferrari single-seaters ever. However, he would only do so after a long and ultimately tragic battle with his teammate Wolfgang Von Trips. The latter was killed at Monza, the race that should have decided the title, after his Ferrari collided with Englishman Jim Clark’s car approaching the Parabolica. Ginther finished fifth in the world rankings that year.

Watkins Glen 1964. John Surtees, Ferrari 158 F1

Former motorcycle world champion John Surtees wins the world title in 1964 at the wheel of a Ferrari that, uniquely in the marque’s history, sported the American white and blue livery rather than the classic red. Although an official Ferrari, it and the car of Lorenzo Bandini, were entered by the NART (North American Racing Team), as part of Enzo Ferrari’s protest against the Italian motor racing authority which had refused to homologate the 250 LM in the GT category.

Nürburgring 1976. Niki Lauda, Ferrari 312 T2

Reigning world champion Lauda in the 312 T2 hurtles towards the most dramatic moment in his career on the long Nürburgring which was so perilous it was known as the 'green hell'. Shortly after this photograph was taken his car went off the track and burst into flames. The Austrian very courageously returned to racing just 40 days later at Monza where he missed out on the world title by a single point.

Monte Carlo 1979. Jody Scheckter, Ferrari 312 T4

Scheckter ahead of Gilles Villeneuve in the downhill approach to the Mirabeau. Having started from the front row on the grid, the two Ferrari drivers immediately took command of the race. Scheckter won it very convincingly in the end but Villeneuve went out on the 53rd  lap. The two Ferrari drivers were also up against each other for the world title and finished the season first and second.

Hockenheim 1980. Gilles Villeneuve, Ferrari 312 T5

Having arrived at Maranello in 1977 as a virtual unknown to replace Niki Lauda who’d quit the Scuderia just after he had won his second world title, Villeneuve would spend the rest of his career with Ferrari. Adored both by the fans for his courage and recklessness, and Enzo Ferrari who saw something of Tazio Nuvolari in him, Gilles was killed in an accident at the end of the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder. Seen here at the wheel of the last generation of the famous T models in the German Grand Prix.

Zeltweg 1987. Michele Alboreto, Ferrari F1-87

Milanese driver Michele Alboreto was the last Italian Ferrari driver to come near winning the world title. He finished second in 1985 after grappling with ongoing technical woes that ultimately lost him the championship. Alboreto is seen here leaving a trail of sparks after his turbocharged Ferrari made contact with the asphalt in the 1987 Austrian Grand Prix.
The work

The boxed sets of “Ferrari photos for Collectors” are a must made for the most passionate fans of the world of Ferrari Grand Touring and Sport. Exclusively from Ferrari’s archives the most beautiful shots which represent the prestige and the accomplishments of the Maranello Stable, put together in thirty numbered series for each of the six boxes containing six single pictures each. Each picture has the relative certificate signed by the President. Each boxed set represents a theme in the history of the company’s racing, among the competition road vehicles, the prototype and single seater sport.
The pictures are in very high definition, 50x40 format, almost all reprinted from the original black and white. This is a collection of photos which, given the limited edition and careful choice by the company, not only have a sure collector’s value but also are suitable for framing and displaying

These are the themes of the 6 sets:

Box 1: 'Grand Touring and sport: running on the road'
Box 2: 'The sport and the years of the legend'
Box 3: 'Formula 1. The years of courage'
Box 4: 'Formula 1. Supremacy'
Box 5: 'The prototypes. Beautiful and invincible.'
Box 6: 'Formula 1. When the oxen pulled the cart'

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