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Ferrari 599XX model scale 1:43

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MR Collection models are the result of a long-lasting research aiming at reproducing the original car in all its details, scale 1:43. The production goes through a mix of technology and handicraft.
The car shape comes directly from a mathematical reproduction of the real car. Finally a prototype is available, checked and perfectioned according to the model proportions and shape.
Then, using the prototype as base, a master is created, to be used for the silicone rubber dies, to then make the polyester resin copies.
The remaining model parts are more than 150, and they consist of different materials, among which white metal, aluminium or brass micro-turnings, some parts are photo-engraved and then there still are decals.
Apparently the procedure seems easy, but the secret is the know-how depending on years of experience.
The models are really the most exotic supercars, painted with 5 layers of mirror-like finished paint, with no imperfections.
Glass surfaces are made with high transparent acetate, 0.1 mm thick, making the model far more realistic.
Exterior and interior details are fitted with special glues which are not visible to the collector naked eyes.
The 599XX model really recalls the car made in Maranello in 2009, which will be used in 2010 for specific non-agonistic competition races in the Customer Race Championship.
Starting from the 599 GTB Fiorano, which the 599XX recalls the traditional transaxle architecture and the propulsor fractioning of, Maranello technicians made a car duly conceived to be used in races.
The 599XX Programme, mainly designed for customers buying the car with the programme, includes 8 races on different world-wide tracks, from Homestead to Fuji, from Budapest to Le Castellet.

Models are assembled by handicraft modellists.

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