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Ferrari Sculpture 250 GTO at scale 1:18

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From the plaster model to its fusion in metal, from the polished finish of the body to the assembly and precision retouching of the details, each element of this piece was made with care and skilled raftsmanship.
The sculpture is made with the lost wax micro-casting technique, bronzed then laminated in palladium.
The windows are precious “cathedral” transparent enamels made with a hot enamelling process that offers views of the interior details.

Dimensions:  10 x 24 x 6.5 cm

The Ferrari logo, as used on the cars themselves, is applied to the model's metal plinth which is minimalist in design. Inspired by the form of a racing circuit to emphasize the sporty vocation of the 250 GTO, the stand is fabricated from a formed metal sheet which is laminated in palladium and heat enamelled. The section with the logo is finished in original red Ferrari paint.

Stand  dimensions:  28 x 28 x 8cm


Each piece bears a serial number engraved on the right door, attesting to its limited production.

The wheels were made with three different micro-castings (spokes, hubs and tyres) welded together. The detail of the disc brakes, spokes and wheel spinner is extremely realistic.
The transparency of the precious “cathedral” enamel allows every detail of the car’s interior to be admired. Even the body and underbody are crafted with the utmost attention to even the most minute details, with pieces created and welded separately.

Made by Editalia for Ferrari

Official Ferrari Licensees

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