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In this area you can find our answers to your most frequently-asked-questions regarding orders, shipping, purchase and delivery.

You can also get all the information you need on how to register on the website and about the services offered at

If you need any further assistance, please bear in mind that you can always contact through our contact form or via chat.


How can I find the Ferrari products I am looking for?
From the Home Page, you have a series of options:

- If you would like to know what has to offer, click on the category that interests you (clothing, accessories, Sport&Fun...), select a sub-category and simply browse through the desired articles.

- If you would like to find a particular product, specify one or more terms related to the ‘Search the store' box that is in the top right corner (for example, you could insert ‘Enzo Ferrari' or ‘Enzo Ferrari Racers') and a list of products related to the word/s entered will be displayed.

- You can also narrow down your search using the filters available when the search process has been completed

How can I purchase the viewed products?
Click on the product that interests you. This will allow you to see the feature list containing detailed information on the article.
To order, click on ‘add to shopping cart'.
The page will update and you will be asked to log-in or register if you are a new user

What are ‘Memorabilia'?
‘Memorabilia' are one-off items of great prestige.
They originate from the exciting world of Formula 1 racing or GT cars that have made  the history of Ferrari and motor-racing in general.
Some are linked to unforgettable events; others are real works of art.
At, each ‘Memorabilia' item is presented with a feature list that details its characteristics and technical specifications and which may also provide information on the history of the particular item.
The exclusive value of the ‘Memorabilia' items is their capacity to express and symbolize the Ferrari myth.
This is why all true Ferrari fans and enthusiasts will want to collect them.
What are ‘Make to Order' products?
‘Make to Order' are exclusive, personalised products and/or products specifically assembled for you by
Owing to the high quality of the craftwork and the length of time needed to make them, these products usually have longer delivery times than other products.
For this reason, the realisation and delivery of such products depend on your prior acceptance.
We would also remind you to bear in mind that it is not possible to exercise the Right of Withdrawal on such products.


How can I purchase the products I am interested in?
Making purchases from is fast and intuitive. 

Click on the product you are interested in to access the feature list containing detailed information on the article.
To move the item to the shopping cart, click on the “purchase” button.
You will be automatically redirected to the ‘Shopping Cart' page, where you can decide if you would like to conclude the purchase transaction or continue shopping for other articles.

If you decide to continue shopping, you will see the ‘shopping cart” image with its contents displayed as you continue to browse the site, together with the total value of your purchases.
Once you have finished shopping, click on ‘Checkout' to proceed with your order.
Remember that you can also modify the number of articles that you want to purchase, or remove items from the shopping cart.

If, however, you would like to make an immediate purchase, if you are a registered user you will be requested to log-in, otherwise you will be asked to register.
On completing this step, you will be asked to select a delivery address and billing address: both these fields must be completed. If you have not yet chosen a billing address, click on “add new address” and fill in the form; then click on “confirm and proceed”.

In  the next phase, you will be requested to select a payment method from those available (cash on delivery for orders in Italy, credit card, paypal or bank transfer).
You can now select how the items are to be delivered (if delivered abroad you can choose express or standard delivery). would like to remind you that payment is totally safe as the credit card data is protected from unauthorised access via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology and cannot be accessed by third parties.
To conclude, once the necessary checks have been made regarding your transaction, the information on your order will be sent to and a thank you message will inform you that the purchase has been successfully completed.
Is there a limit to the number of purchases I can make?
In general, there is no limit as regards the quantity or value.
However, reserves the right to limit purchases for some limited edition products.
Why do I have to specify the country to which the package must be sent? asks you to specify the country to which the order should be sent as this allows you to  automatically view an exact breakdown of the delivery costs, the payment methods available and whether there are VAT costs to take into account.
Is it possible to place an order from a country that differs from that to which the order will be sent?
Certainly: as the sells to the whole world, orders can be placed from any country. However, it is important to select the country to which you would like the order to be sent. You can do this by adding a new delivery address during the final purchase phase.
Does filling the shopping cart mean that I am obliged to make the purchase?
Not at all. You can browse all you like and then decide not to conclude the purchase phase even though you have added the goods to the ‘shopping cart'.
What is the ‘Ferrari Code' and how does it work?
The ‘Ferrari Code' is a coupon that is given to you and which can be used for special promotions.
The conditions for receiving the ‘Ferrari Code' will be communicated to you via the Newsletter when special events take place.
If you already hold a ‘Ferrari Code', you simply  have to insert it in the ‘Do you have a special Ferrari Code?'  field that is found on the 'shopping cart' page. The discount will be calculated and displayed automatically.
When does the purchasing process end?
Having inserted the data necessary to effect the payment, you will be transferred to the payment confirmation page containing the order number and date.

A thank you message will appear in the centre of the page informing you that the purchasing procedure has been successfully completed.

Finally, you will receive an email containing the details of the order and the confirmation that this has been successfully received.

If, within 24 hours, you have not been contacted, please write to the following address:
How can I check the status of my order?
To check your order status, log-in and access My FerrariStore: all the relative information can be found under the “My orders” item.
Please be reminded that the Customer Care staff are at your full disposal for any information you may require


Which methods of payment are accepted at the accepts payments via credit card, paypal bank transfer and cash on delivery for orders to be delivered in Italy (with a maximum  limit of 250 Euro).

Which credit cards can I use?
The credit cards currently accepted are Visa, CartaSi, Mastercard, American Express.
Is it safe to use my credit card at
Your data is totally safe.
In the event that the payment is made by credit card the Consumer shall be transferred to a secure website and the credit card details are directly communicated to GlobalCollect, the operator which takes care of the payments on behalf of the Seller. The data provided will be sent in secure mode, through the transfer of encrypted data with SSL (SecureSocketLayer) at 128 bits. This information cannot be accessed by third parties.
For more information, please consult the ‘Payments' paragraph in the 'General terms and conditions of sale' section in the Legal Area.
When will my order be debited?
For credit card orders, debits are made when the order has been completed.
We would like to remind you that debits will only be made for the amount of the products actually sent.
You may select PayPal as a payment method on the first page of the Shopping Cart section.

By clicking on 'Proceed with the order' on the Confirmation page, you will be taken to the PayPal login page, where you can enter your account and conclude your payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can create one on the PayPal login page, before concluding your order.

Introduction to bank transfers
Bank transfers are an offline payment method but can also be made online if you have home banking. Bank transfers take more time to clear than online payment methods and involve more scope for mistakes. As a result they are not the ideal method for internet shopping. Bank transfers are, however, still used to pay for products and services purchased online specifically because they are perceived as more reliable and familiar by consumers.
How do bank transfers work?
When bank transfers are used to pay for products and services, it is always the purchaser that takes the initiative.
It is up to them to order their bank to transfer a certain sum from their account to the account of the partner authorised by Ferrari to receive that sum on its behalf. The purchaser may make the bank transfer using their home banking service or by completing and signing a bank transfer request form at their bank. Many banks allow their customers to also make bank transfers by phone. 

Please remember to indicate your order number in the payment description field.

The advantages and disadvantages of bank transfers
- Bank transfers are a very secure payment method because the purchaser does not have to communicate any personal information over the internet. 
- Bank transfers are an offline payment method and thus it takes longer for the payment to be received by the seller. This has the knock-on effect of delaying the dispatch of the purchased goods. Moreover, the goods are not reserved for the purchaser when the order is made but when the payment goes through. Thus it is always possible that one or more of the articles ordered may be sold out by the time the payment comes through. In such cases, we will, of course, reimburse said amount.
- Bank transfers are subject to human error. The purchaser must complete the form using information from other sources which often results in copy errors.
Costs of bank transfers will charge Euro 13.50 commission for payments made from foreign bank accounts. No additional commission is charged for payments effected from Italy.
All bank transfer fees are charged entirely to the Buyer. 
What do I need to make a payment by bank transfer?
To make a payment by bank transfer you will need to correctly copy the number of the account to which the amount is being paid.
This is indicated on the bank transfer summary screen on the site and in the email summarising the transaction. You will also need a bank transfer form - these are normally available free of charge from any bank.
The form is not necessary, however, if you are requesting the transfer by telephone or using home banking. In order to ensure that the transfer is successful, you must include the relevant code in the Reference box - this is shown on the payment summary screen, as well as in the summary email. In order for your transfer to be made you must pay the TOTAL amount indicated on the payment summary screen.

N.B.: Payments may only be made in euro.
Payment timeframes
Bank transfers normally take seven working days to clear from the date the order is made. Once this period passes, your order is automatically cancelled from the system. Should we receive payment after this seven-day period, we will, of course, reimburse the full amount. 
If you wish to receive addition information on this payment system, you can contact Customer Care at

We would also advise you to contact your bank to familiarise yourself with its bank transfer methods. 

Can I pay cash on delivery?
You can pay cash on delivery only if the you have selected this type of payment method and the delivery is made to an Italian address.
Please remember that the limit for purchases using this method is 250 Euro and the courier will accept only cash.
After changing the delivery address, the price changed, why? has been developed to display and  automatically calculate the total amount and the VAT related to the order depending on the destination country you have selected.
The delivery costs and inclusion of VAT may affect the final cost of your order.


What is the average delivery time for goods sent from
Delivery of goods purchased from is usually effected within 3-5 working days by Bartolini in Italy and Fedex for all other destinations.
Deliveries to most of the EU countries are completed within 24-72 hours.

For orders made by bank transfer, shipping times are calculated from the confirmation of payment.

Please remember that non-working days and public holidays may delay deliveries. The couriers do not deliver on 25/12, 26/12 1/01and on weekends.
Can I use a PO Box as a delivery address?
We would advise you not to enter a PO Box in the address field as it will be impossible for our couriers to make the delivery.
We therefore kindly request you enter a full postal address.
What happens if no-one is at home when the goods are delivered?
In cases where the addressee or person authorised to accept delivery of the product is absent, our courier will try to contact the client by telephone, using  the number indicated by the buyer on the site when making the purchase, to decide a new delivery date.
Do you charge extra for deliveries outside Europe?
Deliveries to destinations outside the European union could cost more and be subject to taxation, all of which are charged to the recipient.

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